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Kronberg Academy Forum – an international centre for music in the heart of Europe. Help us to build it!

Twenty-five years after its founding, Kronberg Academy is having its own premises built in Kronberg: the Casals Forum – a concert hall with first-class acoustics and state-of-the-art equipment – and an adjoining study and administrative centre.

Why does Kronberg Academy need a Kronberg Academy Forum? So that it can continue to fulfil its task in the world of classical music with assurance, professionalism and creativity, i.e. to be an international centre of inspiration for musicians of all generations where the true values of music are lived out, experienced and passed on to the next generation, irrespective of fashions or the demands of the modern music market.

The new chamber music hall and the study centre are intended to establish the place, the setting, the address and hence the criteria that will allow that to happen. Many artists and leading members of politics and society are lending their support to Kronberg Academy so that this building project can be completed.

Your donation can make a real difference to how quickly this project progresses!

Donation account for the Casals Forum:

Kronberg Academy Foundation
IBAN: DE32 5125 0000 0055 4640 65
BIC: HELADEF1TSK (Taunus Sparkasse)

Personal advice

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your queries and suggestions. We will be happy to discuss matters with you. Your donation may be tax deductible and we would therefore advise you to seek expert advice on possible tax advantages.

To discuss your involvement, please feel free to contact the Chairman of the Executive Board, Raimund Trenkler on +49 6173 783378 or by email to r.trenkler(at) If you wish, you can also contact Kronberg Academy’s tax consultant, Dr Peter Knobling, for a confidential discussion of your support: T: +49 76173 323532 or E: pk(at)