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Violin Masterclasses & Concerts

Prince of Hesse Prize

The Prince of Hesse Prize is the counterpart to the Landgrave of Hesse Prize, which has been presented to a young cellist at the end of the Cello Masterclasses since 1994. It has been awarded since 2009 to a young violinist at the end of the Violin Masterclasses. The promotional prize, which is worth €5,000, is conferred on a young musician who has stood out during the masterclasses on account of his or her “special musical ability, special perceptive insight, talent and hard work and hence recognisably great artistic potential”.

Ririko Noborisaka and Yamen Saadi (2019, prize shared)
Dmytro Udovychenko and María Dueñas (2017, prize shared)
Shuichi Okada and Lara Boschkor (2015, prize shared)
Tanja Zhou and Joakim Røbergshagen (2013, prize shared)
Anna Lee and Benjamin Beilman (2011, prize shared)
Hyeyoon Park and Guro Kleven Hagen (2009, prize shared)

Ana Chumachenco Award

The first Kronberg Academy Festival in 2013 was the appropriate occasion to pay tribute to the great violinist Ana Chumachenco for her outstanding lifelong service as a teacher and purveyor of the highest musical values. It was the artist’s express wish that her award should benefit the next generation of musicians. Kronberg Academy thus established the Ana Chumachenco Award, which is worth €5,000 and is awarded for the thir time at the 2019 Violin Masterclasses & Concerts. It is financed by Marianne and Dr. Klaus-Jürgen Kraatz.

Mon-Fu Lee Hsu and Shihan Wang (2019, prize shared)
Lara Boschkor and Carla Inés Marrero Martínez (2017, prize shared)
Kaoru Oe (2015)

Manfred Grommek Prize

The Jürgen Frei Music Foundation in Bad Soden awards this promotional prize worth €5,000 to one of the active participants in the Violin Masterclasses who is chosen by the teachers. The prize – named after Manfred Grommek, who lived in Bad Soden and died in 2007 – should preferably be conferred on “a young musician at the start of his or her musical career with recognisably great development potential”.

Clara Shen and Gyurim Kwak (2019, prize shared)
Niek Baar and Tatjana Roos (2017, prize shared)
Mahiru Moriyama and Daniel Lozakovitj (2015, prize shared)
Ui Youn Hong and Alexi Kenney (2013, prize shared)
Ekatarina Frolova and Arata Yumi (2011, prize shared)

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