“Kronberg is a kind of oasis in the world of music. It is a place of refreshment with ideal conditions for playing music and working. Kronberg Academy is rightly famous the world over and its festival concerts are unique, a fascinating partnership between older and younger artists.

A new, first class chamber music hall would give us wonderful opportunities, an intimate performance venue with its own special atmosphere and outstanding acoustics. An uncompromising concert hall. Kronberg could thus become one of the focal points of musical life.”


“Every artist and every first-class ensemble also need a physical space that reflects their musical ideas and puts them across ‘correctly’. We musicians would like to have premises like that, a wish that can now become a reality in the planned Casals Forum.

To fail to create that physical space would be to miss an opportunity to achieve something quite unique. I will gladly do what I can to make the most of this opportunity. I extend my sincere thanks to anyone who does likewise!”


“Creating a place where musicians can work intensively together and where people can get really close to music sends a signal that cannot be praised highly enough. A good concert hall is also important because it will allow the remarkable young musicians of Kronberg Academy to develop their skills so much better under professional conditions.”


“My own experience has shown me that musical ideas also need permanent rooms, a firm physical ‘home base’. For us musicians, it would be a dream come true to have premises that provide an appropriate framework to nurture the dialogue that is the most intimate and thus the most intensive form of musical communication – chamber music. It is therefore with utmost conviction that I lend my support to this idea.”


“I have found Kronberg Academy to be a sheltered but very open place full of possibilities, where nothing detracts from the task of working intensively with others on music. The fact that gifted young people can learn from us – and we from them – in those conditions makes Kronberg a very important place in the world of music.

How marvellous it would be if this in-depth, forward-looking work with young musicians and young ensembles were soon also able to benefit from suitable study rooms and an impeccable concert hall. In my view, it is also wonderful to think that the concert hall could also be home to outstanding, innovative young orchestras, as they often search in vain for suitable premises on which to carry out inspired, professional work!”


“Kronberg has become a powerhouse for art. The planned study centre linked to a uniquely styled chamber music hall clearly shows how the ‘Kronberg diamond’ has grown. Now an appropriate ‘mount’ is needed so that nothing is broken and it can shine even brighter than before.

We must push open the door that leads to the future, to a unique centre for art and humanity. We are grateful to everyone who lends a hand.”


“To be able to communicate to audiences really well and to speak freely, the artists (not to mention we tutors) need a choice instrument – in this case a building in which this art form can truly flourish! A building like that will be vital for the valuable work that will take place in the future. And a huge gain for us all!”


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